5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen has always been one of the focal rooms in a home. And in order to make your kitchen an enjoyable, functional place that makes cooking a breeze, it needs to have the necessary tools and gadgets to assist you. If you’re gearing up for kitchen shopping or moving into a new apartment, here are five must-have kitchen gadgets that will change your cooking experience:

Slow Cooker

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work knowing that dinner is ready and waiting to be eaten. A slow cooker or Crock Pot is one of the essential must-have gadgets in any kitchen, especially for busy households. You can throw in a meal the night before or morning of, and come home to those glorious aromas simmering away in the cooker. Slow cookers are essentially for batch cooking, if you’re looking to cut down on expensive lunches out.

Easy-to-Use Wine Opener

Gone are the days where uncorking a bottle of wine often felt synonymous to pulling stubborn weeds out from the ground. Today, there are a variety of easy-to-use wine openers – some referred to as Rabbit Corkscrews – that are foolproof and avoid the potential of half broken corks being left inside the bottle.

Garlic Presser

Any culinary master will tell you how essential garlic is as an ingredient in just about any savory meal. But having to peel and chop each one of those cloves can be enough to deter you from ever using it. Thankfully, you don’t have to! If you love garlic, but hate the thought of having to chop it up, then a garlic press is your tool! Just place the clove into the press, squeeze, et voila!


This little tool can do so much to your veggies with one quick motion. A mandolin allows you to easily slice vegetables in very thin slices or pasta-like ribbons. This can be used on veggies such as potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini. With this little gadget, you can get creative with your produce by using those veggies as substitutions for guilt-free pasta!

Hand-Held Blender

A hand-held blender is a quick and efficient way of blending up just about anything, without the hassle of getting out your big blender. This is a popular tool used for pureeing soups, thickening sauces, and even whipping cream.

Take full advantage of your kitchen by making it an enjoyable and easy-to-use space. Sometimes, the idea of cooking after a long day of work can be a painful thought, but by supplying your kitchen with some of these essential gadgets, you’ll make it more convenient and less daunting when it’s time to cook.

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