Apartment Living: Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

Apartments can have the tendency to all look the same regardless of where you live. From the Financial District to Richmond Hill, Mississauga to Scarborough, a small space is a small space, right? Wrong. By making a few small changes you can completely transform the inside of your apartment and for a limited cost as well. Whether you need more storage space or if you want updated furnishings, these tips can help you make small changes that offer a whole world of difference.

Under-the-Bed Storage

If you have a bed frame that rests relatively high off of the ground, you can easily find under-the-bed storage containers to put to good use. If you have limited closet space, you can change your clothes out for each season and put last season’s clothes in the storage. You can also store all of your personal mementos and trinkets in the event that you don’t have room to display them. The best part is that you’ll be getting rid of clutter in your apartment and keeping it all in a contained and accessible area.

Changing Lamp Shades

Whether you have bedside table lamps or lamps on the coffee tables in your living room, you would be surprised at how simple it can be to completely change their appearance just by updating the shades. You can make a room more modern by finding a glass shade or more traditional by finding a material shade. It’s also a great way to brighten up a room that has looked the same since you moved in. Lamp shades are incredibly affordable as you can find them in department stores and even dollar stores.

Adding Wall Art

There’s nothing that transforms a regular apartment into a home better than decorating your walls. Depending on the agreement that you have with your landlord, you may not be able to paint, but you should be able to add wall art. Find a few prints of your favorite cities or landmarks, have them framed, and display them in common areas. You can also take photographs of your friends and family and display them on the walls in your bedroom. It will really help to add a personal touch to the property and make it feel more comfortable.

Adding Area Rugs

Area rugs are designed to add dimension to a room, particularly if your apartment is filled with hardwood. You can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to compliment the decorative design that you have inside of your apartment. It can help to minimize echoes, protect the floor from your furniture, and help to make the space feel more like home.

Want to learn more about little apartment changes that make a big difference? The Simplified Rentals team is happy to help and offer practical advice so you can get the most out of your Toronto rental apartment!

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