May 29 17

Neighbourhood Profile: The Beaches


With its sandy shores, shop-lined boardwalks, and plenty of popular outdoor events such as the annual Beaches International Jazz Festival, one might picture The Beaches as the ideal neighbourhood for a day trip or eclectic shopping excursion. However, there’s a charm in the air to this community, and once you let it wash over you, it’ll be easy to see why this charming community must just be home sweet home.

Here’s a peek at The Beaches’ inviting brilliance.


The Beaches is situated just south of East York and east of Old Toronto, respectively. Bordered by Kingston Road to the north and Lake Ontario to the south, the neighbourhood is known for its vast, artificially enlarged beaches that were appropriated along with the Kew Gardens private park grounds by the Toronto Harbour Commission in the early 1900s. Visitors have been drawn to the area for this reason for decades.

Queen Street forms the heart of the community, and is lined with more than 390 businesses, comprising mainly of independent specialty stores. Much of the neighbourhood is dedicated to residential zoning and green space, and The Beaches is generally regarded as a great place to settle down and raise a family due to having a low crime rate as well as an abundance of schools.


Most residences are semi-detached and large-scale Victorian and Edwardian homes, as well as a few low-rise apartment complexes and townhouse developments. Modern developments have also crept in, but the community continues to strive to preserve the vintage charm of the area by appointing some streets with heritage designations, and by maintaining traditional homes.

This is a family-friendly neighbourhood , thanks to the abundance of educational facilities and open green space. It makes for an all-around less chaotic lifestyle, being more laid-back and contemplative, but not one bit dull.


TTC Bus and streetcar routes run along Queen Street, Gerrard Street, Kingston Road, Victoria Park Avenue, Main Street, and Woodbine Avenue. These routes connect to Toronto’s rapid transit lines and subway stations, allowing for access to the downtown core. By car, the neighbourhood is easily accessible via the Don Valley Expressway, the Gardiner Expressway, and Lake Shore Boulevard.


Coupled with the neighbourhood’s verdant park system and the allure of living along the shoreline, The Beaches is a quaint yet vibrant area akin to a traditional seaside retreat. That doesn’t mean things get stale, however. The hundreds of stores along Queen Street change quite often, for example, which keeps the neighbourhood constantly fresh and exciting — sometimes dramatically so. It’s not uncommon to see people flocking to Woodbine Beach and Kew-Balmy Beach in the warmer weather, or taking to the generous park system along the southern half of the area to take advantage of seasonal activities or gatherings there. All in all, the shoreline location and preservation of key public spaces has allowed for a more convivial neighbourhood than one might expect from the Toronto area.

The Beaches is the best of both worlds. There’s a sense of calmness and charming old-world warmth harmonizing with an eclectic vibrancy and freshness that rejuvenates the area every year. With an intuitive transportation system in place, there’s no reason not to visit this neighbourhood and experience its charming aesthetic.

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Jan 30 17

Winterlicious – Taste Toronto this New Year


What better way to get through those long, cold winter blues than by indulging in some scrumptious cuisine? Well, thanks to Winterlicious, you can! This culinary event came to life as a way to connect more people to great food and to get you out from hibernation, meet up with friends, go on that date, and have a laugh while delving into some of Toronto’s tastiest menus.

The wintertime can be a challenge to force ourselves out of our apartments, condos, and houses to get out and stay social. We naturally feel the need to throw on our warm and comfy clothes and curl up at home. But Winterlicious is aimed at enticing you and your taste buds to get out and try something new, exotic, and delicious.

Here’s what you need to know to begin planning your Winterlicious calendar this New Year.

When Does It Begin?

It all begins January 27th and runs until February 9th with over 200 vendors participating. It’s the perfect time after the holiday hustle and bustle to slow down and have a nice meal cooked for you over a glass or two of wine.

What Vendors Are Involved?

Since there are over 200 different restaurants participating in this event, it might be a challenge to select where you should begin. But no matter what you’re craving or how particular your taste buds may be, there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

Take a look around your local area to see what vendors you can start off at! You can hop online to see the full list of vendors.

What’s the Cost?

One of the best factors about this event is that it aims to open the doors of each restaurant, making it accessible and affordable to the public by having a fixed price menu. Some may vary depending on the restaurant you visit, but each Winterlicious menu has been specifically tailored to give you the best taste for a price that is affordable too. You can take advantage of trying out some of those places that may have been out of your price range previously.

Toronto is one of the culinary wonders of the world. It’s renowned for the eclectic variety of food that you find throughout the city. And for the last few years, over 200 restaurants have participated in this great culinary event that provides the public with the perfect reason to get out of those comfy pyjamas and treat yourself to a delicious meal that won’t break the bank.

So this January, after the holiday rush has settled, make the time to treat yourself to a night out and explore the culinary wonders that Toronto has to offer.


Dec 26 16

Neighbourhood Profile: Yonge & Eglinton

Neighbourhood Profile: Yonge & Eglinton

The bustling midtown intersection of Yonge and Eglinton is a neighbourhood that’s located in the northern portion of Toronto. It’s a popular hub for young professionals and families. Although it’s not directly located in the heart of the city, if you take a walk along these streets, you just might think it is. There’s an unmistakable urban vibe that resonates as you take in all that this happening neighbourhood has to offer.

Here’s an overview to showcase the trendy neighbourhood of Yonge and Eglinton:


North Midtown Toronto centralizes around the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton, but it stretches eastward to Bayview Avenue, westward towards Avenue Road, North to Blythwood Road and south the Eglinton Avenue.

This intersection is the hub of the neighbourhood and it’s where to be if you’re looking to take in the sounds and vibe of the city streets. And of course, it’s right on the Yonge/University subway line, so you can hop on and get to anywhere in the city, fast.


This is a bustling neighbourhood, but it also blends the perfect balance of calm as you stroll on through some of the trendy neighbouring side streets. It’s a popular location for families since there is a variety of housing options available, as well as private and public schooling and recreational facilities. Together with the convenience of location, proximity to transit, schools, and green spaces, it’s really no surprise why so many families love it here.


Just because families flock here, doesn’t mean there isn’t a great source of entertainment for young professionals to indulge in and embrace. Young 20-something professionals flock to this midtown hotspot. It entails trendy restaurants and comedy bars, movie theatres, and designer outlets for those who love to shop. Yonge & Eglinton Centre has everything you need from a fitness club to clothing stores, and you dine around the globe.


Yonge and Eglinton is the place to be if you’re looking to experience the energy of what the city streets have to offer. And best of all, it has a variety of housing and apartment rentals for you to choose from to suit your particular taste and lifestyle.

So although this is a busy area, it is still a subtle version of what you would experience right in the core of downtown Toronto. As a result, it really offers just the right amount of action and city bustle without being overwhelming. If you’re in search of a neighbourhood that offers convenience, access to transportation and a great selection of rentals to choose from, it’s time you pay Yonge and Eglinton a visit!

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Dec 19 16

2016 GTA Rental Market Report

2016 GTA Rental Market Report

According to the 2016 Rental Market Report released by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), it’s a good time to be the owner of a rental property. With rental vacancies at an all-time low, landlords are thrilled that their units are almost fully occupied and their cash flow is secured.

GTA Rental Vacancy Rate & Average Rents

The rental vacancy rate in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for 2016 is a shocking 1.3%, which means there is not a lot of choice for those seeking affordable places to live. And affordable can be a rather subjective term, as the cost of rentals has also increased by about 3%. With the average rent being $1,233 per month, renters on a budget are not afforded much wiggle room when it comes to their rental options.

The average two-bedroom apartment in the GTA rents for $1,327 per month and three or more bedrooms have an average price tag of $1,515 monthly. For families with children who require as many bedrooms as possible, the rental market looks pretty grim. However a bachelor apartment in the GTA rents for an average of $957 per month, which for the working single person seems more realistic and affordable.

GTA Condo Picture

Condominiums also account for a large part of the rental units in the GTA, and their popularity is on the rise. The vacancy rate for condo rentals dropped to 1% in 2016 due to a high demand for the condo lifestyle. Many condo owners are choosing to rent out their units instead of putting them up for sale due to the lucrative nature of the rental market.  A two-bedroom condo will rent on average for just over $2,000 per month. 33% of all condos in the GTA are rental units as opposed to owner occupied.

What is Driving the Hot Rental Market in Toronto?

The rental market is primarily driven by two forces; the cost of home ownership and the large number of millennials and new Canadians that live in the GTA.

Home ownership in the GTA is simply unattainable for many of those who want to live here. The average price of a house in the GTA is approximately $750,000 which carries a mortgage payment higher than what most rental units charge per month. In 2016, the average mortgage cost was just shy of $3,500 whereas the cost of renting is significantly lower as stated above. Many GTA residents are unable to meet the demands of the mortgage costs and so are left with no other option than to rent.

Since home ownership is so expensive, there are not a lot of younger generations diving into the housing market. And the number of millennials in the GTA, people aged 25-44, grew by 3.5%, so there are even more people who are primed for the rental market. The GTA also has the largest population of new Canadians in the country which puts additional pressure on the rental market. When immigrants arrive in Canada they often require time to find employment and establish a credit report before they can pursue home ownership, which leaves them no choice but to rent in the meantime.

Renting is on the rise in the GTA and there is no indication that this will change anytime soon.

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Aug 22 16

Your Guide to Toronto Universities

Old buildings on the University of Toronto campus in the fall

The city of Toronto is an eclectic and invigorating place. Known as a miniature version of New York, this city has so much to offer, and that includes great academic institutions. From universities and colleges to professional training opportunities, there’s an abundance of top tier places for you to choose from that will delight your inner academic. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best places for you to consider for living and learning in Toronto.

Student Learning

University of Toronto

First and foremost is U of T. It’s one of the leading institutions in all of Canada, and one of the world’s top research universities. Spread across three different campuses, this university offers you three very different neighbourhoods to live and learn in – downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and Scarborough. However, the downtown St. George campus is the most renowned as it is truly set within the central buzz of this great city. It’s the perfect place to learn if you’re searching for that vibrant student life.

Ryerson University

This urban university is also based in the heart of the city and is your go-to institution for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on career-focused education. It’s one of the leading facilities for adult learning at their G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. It also boasts a leading reputation in media and marketing.

York University

Spread across two main campuses, York University is the 2nd largest university in all of Canada. Its main campus is home to one of the oldest, largest, and most distinguished laws schools in all of Canada – the Osgoode Law School, along with the Schulich School of Business, which has been rated as the top business school in Canada by the Economist, Forbes, and CNN Expansion.

With the main Keele campus tucked away from the core of the city, it’s perfect for students looking for a more calm, self-contained university that has everything you need, including residences, a shopping mall, prime athletic facilities, and just about anything else you could think of within walking distance.

Student Living

With urban educational institutions located in and around the core of downtown Toronto, there’s an abundance of apartments that you can find within walking distance, or that require just a quick ride on the TTC.

But one of the best methods for finding the right apartment for you is by taking a visit to the city initially to scope out potential areas for you to live. Figure out your budget, narrow down your scope, ask around at local cafes, and take a look at online Toronto apartment listings.

You’ll be surprised how much easier it can be to find that perfect place for student life when you do a bit of research beforehand, and simply ask around from fellow students. Toronto’s a big, vibrant city, so when you do find that perfect place to live away from home, just be careful – you might not want to leave.

Jul 25 16

Neighbourhood Profile: City Centre Mississauga

Square One in Mississauga

Mississauga is a city that has seen drastic development over the past few years. It is a place that is bustling with activity, and knows how to set that standard when it comes to urban living. Mississauga’s City Centre is like the heartbeat of this city. From business and housing, to entertainment and community – it’s got everything in a setting where you can escape the intensity of downtown Toronto, and instead, find an urban oasis that truly embraces community. Here’s a closer peek into what Mississauga’s City Centre area has to offer.

Culture and Community

This vibrant community is built upon the collaboration and cohesiveness of the residents that reside in it. Here, you can immerse yourself in the culture and community in a variety of enriching ways.

Whether it’s the Art Gallery of Mississauga, the Square One Living Arts Centre or the Sports Hall of Fame – arts, culture, and civic engagement are at the forefront.

In addition, Celebration Square – located in the heart of downtown Mississauga – is an award-winning public square, and one of the most unique of its kind throughout the GTA. It’s one of City Centres’ premier spots for residents to come and enjoy a variety of communal events, from outdoor movies with the family to ice skating, fireworks, farmers markets, live music and festivals. There’s something for everyone to partake in and enjoy.


Entertainment aside, City Centre is home to diverse, affordable living. With an abundance of condominiums in the area, located away from the intense market of Toronto-based living, there is something here for just about everyone to find within their price range.

Take a glance up at the skyline and you can’t miss the Absolute World towers, better known as the Marilyn Monroe condos. With a stunning design, these towers are hailed as being among the world’s most beautiful skyscrapers and thus, have helped to place the character and architecture of this city on the world stage.


With the abundance of amenities and stores setting up shop throughout this community, it has since become a thriving central point for business and investments. Take the Square One Shopping Mall for example: it’s the largest shopping centre in all of Ontario, housing 360 stores within it. It’s a prime destination for Canadians and tourists alike to visit. And being a short distance from downtown Toronto, yet far enough away to avoid the intensely competitive market there – it’s no wonder more and more businesses are flocking to this area.

Being the sixth largest city in Canada, it’s no surprise how Mississauga has become a thriving urban oasis that many people and businesses choose to call their home. From the diversity to the local amenities that provide an abundance of platforms for embracing the importance of arts, culture and community – it truly is a place that has set the standard for urban living.

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