Jun 26 17

Neighbourhood Profile: Guildwood


Prestigious and decadent, Guildwood (often referred to as Guildwood Village) is a highly respected pocket of serenity in southern Scarborough. Hugging the shores of Lake Ontario and flanked by several massive swaths of green space, the area boasts a proverbial gentility and historic charm, infused with striking modern accents.

Here’s a closer look at this beautiful gem of a neighbourhood.


Guildwood is situated just northeast of Scarborough Bluffs Park, along the shoreline. The area is isolated and exclusive, bordered by Scarborough Village and Kingston Road to the west and northwest, respectively. The VIA Rail and CN Rail lines form the northern border of the neighbourhood, and Guildwood ends where Grey Abbey Park circles around the eastern subdivision comprising predominantly of Greyabbey Trail. Guildwood Beach and Guild Park and Gardens meet the shore for much of the length of the community.

Comprised almost entirely of residential zoning, Guildwood evokes a sensation of being isolated from the rest of the world. It almost appears to exist as a hidden pocket of meticulous landscaping, sleepy streets, and opulent stonework. In fact, the main entrance to the community consists of an impressive stone pillar and cast iron gateway, situated at Kingston Road and Guildwood Parkway. When the neighbourhood was initially developed, the plan was to preserve as many trees as possible in the area, which has continued to this day. There’s an impressive sense of collective respect to nature and greenery throughout much of the area as a result.


Subdivisions complete with winding roads and cul-de-sacs serve as the infrastructure for much of Guildwood’s residential zoning. In 1957, it’s famous “Avenue of Homes” served as the basis of the neighbourhood’s development. This collection of upscale and prestigious homes continued to blossom and spread, and soon enough the area had gained a reputation for being an exclusive upper-class community.

Guildwood is often a retreat considered by retirees or those looking to settle down in a relaxed atmosphere to start families, with several retirement residences and housing developments merged into one cohesive community. There’s a wide assortment of homes that evoke Americana and traditional English styles, but you’ll also stumble across elegant modern abodes that mingle harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

The way the neighbourhood is developed allows for these styles to intertwine without intruding upon one another. Jack Miner Senior Public School is located on Guildwood Parkway in a centralized location, and other public schools can be found just north of the neighbourhood. Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute is situated just next to Guild Park and Gardens, and with the park’s incorporation of repurposed Old Toronto stone facades as decorations, the area presents an air of academia and intellectual curiosity. If you can get past the minimal presence of businesses save for the essentials (head north to West Hill for more shopping if need be), this can be a wonderful retreat from city life.


The VIA Rail and Guildwood GO Station at the north end of the neighbourhood is the primary means of quick access to and from inner Toronto, and it is highly encouraged to use the GO Transit network. It offers 1,348 parking spaces and is frequently used by commuters. Travelling by car isn’t as practical if you commute into the city, but is doable in a pinch if you can handle the traffic. Another alternative is to take bus route 116, which will take you from Guildwood Parkway to Kennedy Station in Eglinton, which offers express transfers into Toronto.


Living in Guildwood is serene, tranquil, and simple. Groups of tourists or locals tend to partake in historic architectural walking tours and explore the rustic woodland nature trail. Various events take place throughout the year as well, including Guildwood Day, which features games, crafts, a parade along Guildwood Parkway, and an evening community barbeque. This comes around every June and is very popular amongst residents and tourists alike. The neighbourhood boasts a very active community association that produces its own newsletter and sponsors events throughout the community.

Children will find countless playmates and be enticed to bike over to a friend’s house to have a little fun during their downtime, free of the noise and neon distractions produced in more densely populated areas. Seniors and families will find ample parkland to visit and explore, and there are always activities in the works throughout Guildwood to keep things fresh and exciting.

This lush, pristine neighbourhood is the ideal place to settle down and find a slice of serenity. Guildwood provides an isolated, privatized approach to living, and as such it allows for families to be free of commercial distractions and better appreciate their time with one another.

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May 29 17

Neighbourhood Profile: The Beaches


With its sandy shores, shop-lined boardwalks, and plenty of popular outdoor events such as the annual Beaches International Jazz Festival, one might picture The Beaches as the ideal neighbourhood for a day trip or eclectic shopping excursion. However, there’s a charm in the air to this community, and once you let it wash over you, it’ll be easy to see why this charming community must just be home sweet home.

Here’s a peek at The Beaches’ inviting brilliance.


The Beaches is situated just south of East York and east of Old Toronto, respectively. Bordered by Kingston Road to the north and Lake Ontario to the south, the neighbourhood is known for its vast, artificially enlarged beaches that were appropriated along with the Kew Gardens private park grounds by the Toronto Harbour Commission in the early 1900s. Visitors have been drawn to the area for this reason for decades.

Queen Street forms the heart of the community, and is lined with more than 390 businesses, comprising mainly of independent specialty stores. Much of the neighbourhood is dedicated to residential zoning and green space, and The Beaches is generally regarded as a great place to settle down and raise a family due to having a low crime rate as well as an abundance of schools.


Most residences are semi-detached and large-scale Victorian and Edwardian homes, as well as a few low-rise apartment complexes and townhouse developments. Modern developments have also crept in, but the community continues to strive to preserve the vintage charm of the area by appointing some streets with heritage designations, and by maintaining traditional homes.

This is a family-friendly neighbourhood , thanks to the abundance of educational facilities and open green space. It makes for an all-around less chaotic lifestyle, being more laid-back and contemplative, but not one bit dull.


TTC Bus and streetcar routes run along Queen Street, Gerrard Street, Kingston Road, Victoria Park Avenue, Main Street, and Woodbine Avenue. These routes connect to Toronto’s rapid transit lines and subway stations, allowing for access to the downtown core. By car, the neighbourhood is easily accessible via the Don Valley Expressway, the Gardiner Expressway, and Lake Shore Boulevard.


Coupled with the neighbourhood’s verdant park system and the allure of living along the shoreline, The Beaches is a quaint yet vibrant area akin to a traditional seaside retreat. That doesn’t mean things get stale, however. The hundreds of stores along Queen Street change quite often, for example, which keeps the neighbourhood constantly fresh and exciting — sometimes dramatically so. It’s not uncommon to see people flocking to Woodbine Beach and Kew-Balmy Beach in the warmer weather, or taking to the generous park system along the southern half of the area to take advantage of seasonal activities or gatherings there. All in all, the shoreline location and preservation of key public spaces has allowed for a more convivial neighbourhood than one might expect from the Toronto area.

The Beaches is the best of both worlds. There’s a sense of calmness and charming old-world warmth harmonizing with an eclectic vibrancy and freshness that rejuvenates the area every year. With an intuitive transportation system in place, there’s no reason not to visit this neighbourhood and experience its charming aesthetic.

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Apr 17 17

Neighbourhood Profile: Kensington Market


Just to the west of downtown Toronto, this eclectic neighbourhood is one of the favourites for tourists and local Torontonians alike. Kensington Market is the treasure trove of Toronto and one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse areas in the city. Renowned for its maze of narrow streets and alleyways, colourful Victorian housing, open outdoor markets, quaint boutiques and cafés, and pedestrian-friendly streets – Kensington Market has something for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a closer look at the quaint and colourful neighbourhood of Kensington Market.


Kensington Market is located right in the downtown core of Toronto. It’s bound by College Street to the north, Spadina Avenue to the east, Dundas Street. West to the south and Bathurst Street to the west. The heart of this neighbourhood, however, can be found along the streets of Augusta Avenue, Nassau Street, Baldwin Street and Kensington Street.

Walking through Kensington Market can often feel as though you’ve stepped into a quaint little bubble, even though Queen and King Street West are only a short walk or streetcar ride away. You can even head just a few blocks south on the streetcar to access the waterfront. It’s a great central location to feel the exciting buzz of the big city.


Since this area is populated with many beautiful, old Victorian homes, it’s a popular neighbourhood for both young and older generations looking to rent since older homes often offer a much larger square footage. The charm and character of Kensington is what makes it such a popular spot for such a diverse range of people to settle into. And with many newer, modern developments located in close proximity, it offers the best of both worlds for residents looking to live here.


Kensington Market is located steps away from College Street and Spadina Avenue, where you can hop on a streetcar and access the subway line in minutes. Alternatively, if you head south along Spadina, you’ll arrive at Queen Street West and King Street West – two of the most popular streets in the city.


Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your cravings throughout this neighbourhood. Whether it’s a craving from culinary delights, a cozy bar or café, vintage boutiques, or fresh markets to pick up some local produce, there’s never a shortage of amenities and offerings throughout the bustling streets of Kensington.

If you haven’t experienced the unique charm and character of Kensington Market, you’re missing out on one of the true gems of Toronto! It’s one of the best neighbourhoods in the city, and a perfect spot to call home if you’re in search of a distinct and colourful community to join.

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Mar 27 17

Neighbourhood Profile: Roncesvalles Village


Roncesvalles Village is a cultural haven for both hipsters and families alike. It blends a variety of demographics with a main flair of Polish and European culture. Affectionately known as Roncy, Roncesvalles Village a neighbourhood that’s nestled nicely away from the booming 24/7 hum of downtown Toronto, where neighbours can chat and people can pop into some of the trendy bars and funky cafés to catch up with friends. It has a distinct small-town vibe, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not the centre of action! Here’s a little more of what this great west-central Toronto neighbourhood has to offer.


Roncesvalles is found in the west end of Toronto. It’s bordered by Bloor Street, Queen Street, Parkside and the Lansdowne rail corridor. Its central hub is located along the main street of Roncesvalles Avenue, and has a constant buzz where young professionals, 20-somethings, and families flock to delve into some artisanal tasty bites, craft beer, or sip on coffee in a local café.


Throughout this neighbourhood, you will find a variety of housing, often containing rented rooms, along with smaller apartment buildings with average-priced rentals. Many of the neighbouring streets are lined with multi-storey brick homes, multi-residential properties, and independently owned and operated businesses.


Roncesvalles really has it all – the charm, the character, and the lifestyle that everyone enjoys. It has become increasingly popular for young families who can take advantage of the expansive homes with big backyards.  It also attracts renters who occupy many of the 3-storey homes and multi-residential units in the area, along with seniors who enjoy the quiet and convenient location.

With the proximity to downtown, you can hop on public transit and get to where you need to be in no time. In addition, High Park is only a few minutes away, where residents can stroll through the trails, picnic areas, zoo, playgrounds, and sports fields.


There is no shortage of amenities throughout Roncesvalles. Many of the local shops, grocery stores, and restaurants are owner operated. And of course, you can find many delis, butchers, and bakeries with a taste of the Old World.

Roncesvalless Village is a high-demand neighbourhood in Toronto. If you’re in search of a neighbourhood that’s far enough from the city buzz, but close enough when you need it to be, check out Roncy!

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Feb 20 17

Neighbourhood Profile: Parkdale


The neighbourhood of Parkdale has become one of the most up and coming areas throughout the city of Toronto over the last few years. While in the past the reputation of this neighbourhood has seen its fair share of ups and down, it has developed into one of the most eclectic and inviting in the city, with so much to offer for residents seeking to call this neighbourhood their home.


The neighbourhood of Parkdale is located just west of downtown Toronto. It is bordered by Roncesvalles Avenue on the west, Dufferin Street to the east, by the Canadian Pacific Railway line where it crosses Queen Street and Dundas Street to the north, and finally, south by Lake Ontario. It’s also walking distance to the waterfront district and parks.


Parkdale is an area that is home to many of Toronto’s older, grand Victorian homes, along with high-rise apartment rentals. It’s where you can find grandiose mansions converted into lofts and apartments with charm and character that’s often unsurpassed anywhere else in the city. It boasts a wide variety of housing options and as a result, is comprised of one of the most diverse demographics of residents throughout the city.


Parkdale used to be one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the city. Walking through it, this isn’t hard to see with the large tree-lined streets and homes. It also has a vibrant shopping scene throughout the district and a large portion of the Polish community where you can find markets, delis, and trendy restaurants to indulge in. With the famous Queens Street West at its heart, there is a constant buzz surrounding this neighbourhood, with a community that relishes the bustling vibe of the busy city, steps from home.


If you’re looking for active recreation, it’s also a prize component of this community. Parkdale is within convenient walking distance of High Park, the largest park in Toronto. High Park stretches over 400 acres of green space encompassing trails, a zoo, tennis courts, and so much more. You can also make your way along Toronto’s waterfront and cycle along many of the paths that wind along the city’s edge. Here, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you active and entertained.

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Jan 23 17

Neighbourhood Profile: Riverdale

Neighbourhood Profile: Riverdale

Riverdale is a quaint and vibrant community that is one of the favourites for many residents throughout the city of Toronto. It’s often referred to as the gateway to Toronto’s east-end neighbourhoods. One of the main attractions of this area is the diversity of demographics, housing, rentals, and parklands that offer a great oasis from the city hustle and bustle.


This neighbourhood is located a little east of the downtown area, and it is bordered the Don River Valley to the west, Danforth Avenue and Greektown to the north, Jones Avenue, the train tracks and Leslieville to the east, and Lake Shore Boulevard to the south.


This area is one of the nicest when it comes to housing. It contains many large, old homes with that Victorian charm dating back to the 19th century. But the best feature is the diverse range of housing that is available, including rental properties. Whether it’s rentals contained in many of those large homes that have since been divided into duplexes or triplexes, or the large apartment complexes dotted throughout the area, there’s a wide variety of housing to suit just about anyone’s needs and price range.


Riverdale really makes you feel as though you’ve taken a step or two away from the roaring city streets, despite being in the heart of Canada’s largest city. It’s a quieter neighbourhood where many families stroll through the vast parks and farmers’ markets throughout the area. But quiet doesn’t mean boring. It’s where you’ll find some of the best concert halls (The Danforth Music Hall and The Opera House), as well as a wide array of restaurants and trendy bars, with mom-and-pop shops and boutiques to browse and enjoy. It has a more grown-up feel about the area, where people will flock to wine and dine rather than party at a club.


One great feature about this area is not only the easy access to the subway line, but also how convenient the location is for getting just about anywhere in the city, and fast. Whether it’s downtown, Scarborough, or the west end, it’s the convenience of having several subway stations and streetcars right along this neighbourhood that truly make it such a breeze to get anywhere in no time.

Between the abundance of housing and rental properties, combined with the convenience of transportation and vast green spaces that give you some of the best views of the city, this neighbourhood really is a great place to be for those who wish to take a step back from the busy city streets and embrace the quieter side of living in Toronto.

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Nov 16 16

Neighbourhood Profile: Liberty Village


Take a walk along this 43-acre master-planned community, and you’ll be greeted by a neighbourhood that’s bustling with young, creative energy. Liberty Village is a prominent neighbourhood in Toronto where many young professionals have taken up residence. It’s a neighbourhood that blends a chic and gritty urban appeal, with elements of modern design, new builds, and old Victorian homes that highlight the roots of this streetscape.

If you’re in search of the ultimate urban core experience, look no further than Liberty Village.


Liberty Village is a relatively new established hub that can be found sprawled in the southwest corner of Toronto proper. It is contained by King Street West to the north, Dufferin Street to the west, the Gardiner Expressway to the south, and east to Strachan Avenue. It is bordered by Exhibition Place to the south, Niagara and Fort York to the east, Little Portugal and Trinity-Bellwoods to the north, and Parkdale to the west.

It is located on one of the oldest settlements in the city, which is evident as you stroll through and observe much of the historic architecture in homes and buildings that remain throughout the neighbourhood.


Aside from the old Victorian builds, towering smoke stacks, converted factories and industrial structures, this area has been developed into a master-planned, dynamic hub for residential, commercial, and retail space. It is one of the most popular spots to scoop industrial lofts with impeccable details like post-and-beam and exposed brick designs. Whether looking to rent or own, there are diverse housing options in this neighbourhood.

Clearly, it’s no surprise how this area tends to be in high demand, with prices that reflect its increasing popularity. For this reason, you’ll find a vibrant community with many young professionals, often employed in the design, media, and tech industries. The residents of Liberty Village work hard and play hard.


Liberty Village is your perfect example of old world turned new. With the unique structures and designs, many film and TV productions, web start-ups, design firms, and trendy bars and restaurants have transformed this area in a modern oasis. As a result, the lifestyle is here is one that allows residents to bike or walk to the office, while being able to meander over to the neighbouring bars or cafés in the evening. All of your entertainment needs can be met by Exhibition Place to the south, where you can catch concerts at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, watch Toronto FC at BMO Field, or get a sneak peek at future Leafs stars with Toronto Marlies games at Ricoh Coliseum.

So for those in search of a true urban oasis, where old, expansive structures have been developed into modern, lofty designs; where the gritty roots and chic charm of contemporary style have been resourcefully meshed into one; where craft brews and cafés appease the young, refined pallet; and where urbanites flock to embrace life in the city core – Liberty Village awaits.

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Oct 31 16

Neighbourhood Profile: The Junction

the junction toronto

A prominent history and a diverse demographic – today the area of West Toronto known as The Junction has become one of the most desirable communities for both hipsters and families alike. Decked out with trendy bars, cozy galleries, it’s a hot spot for craft breweries and a hip foodie scene. This neighbourhood balances a unique vibrancy between trendy and charm, all-in-one. Welcome to The Junction.

The Location

Not to be confused with the Junction Triangle, a neighbourhood to the southeast, The Junction got its name for being exactly that – the convergence between First Nation trails and then eventually railway lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The heart of this community is located around the intersection of Dundas Street West and Keele Street, stretching west to Runnymede, and east to the train tracks. It extends north to St. Clair and south to Annette Street. It is bordered by the neighbourhoods of Pelham Park, West Bend, High Park North, Runnymede, and the Stockyards District.

The Housing

This community takes pride in its historical roots, and because of that, you’ll find many of the streets dotted with old homes and antique storefronts, and a whole lot of vintage charm and character. It’s also a popular spot for apartment rentals since there are a variety of those larger family homes that have been turned into rental properties. There are also condo developments bringing a touch of modern style to this classic neighbourhood.

Aside from the larger apartment complexes, there are of course, still families that are lucky enough to settle into some of the most beautiful homes in the city. So naturally, it’s an area where big families and young millennials alike are keen to call home.

According to NOW Toronto, the average detached house runs for $968,000, while condo apartments sell for an average of $431,000. The average rent can vary from a $928 bachelor to a $2,088 three-bedroom apartment.

The Vibe

Since many immigrants found their way here back in the 1900s, today you can still find a large diversity of Irish, Italian, Croatian, Polish, and Macedonian communities living here. It was and remains a diverse community.

Though prohibition lingered in this old west Toronto neighbourhood for an extensive period of time, today you’ll find some of the best bars in all of Toronto here. Craft breweries, jazz and funk venues, Italian trattorias, wine bars – whether it’s a lively crowd, or a mellowed out pub, this is the place to meet your friends for a great brew in the city.

The Amenities and Transportation

But don’t let the abundance of trendy bars fool you. Step away from the main strips and you’ll find wide and calm streets nestled amongst an abundance of green space. In fact, you can take a short walk to High Park and enjoy over 161 hectares of natural green space and recreational amenities.

And since this community is located near St. Clair Avenue West and Bloor Street West, you can easily hop onto the nearest subway train, bus, or streetcar to get you where you need to go in no time.

Vintage vibes, antique shops, breweries, big old homes, great rental properties, and a whole lot of character – these are just a few of the many factors that sum up The Junction. So now you can see that it’s no surprise why so many Torontonians call it one of their favourite neighbourhoods in the city.

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Sep 8 16

Neighbourhood Profile: Little Italy (College Street)

The 'College Fruit & Flower' Market in Little Italy, Toronto

Pizza, pasta, and gelato: the three main staples that make this charming neighbourhood a great place to call casa mia. But beyond the delicious food, this area, also known as College Street West, has so much to offer. It’s one of the most vibrant areas of Toronto, where by day, trattorias and cafes are filled with patrons, and by night the city life is electric yet comforting. It’s no surprise how this hot spot has become one of the most sought after places to live for Torontonians.

The Location

You can find this neighbourhood located on College Street, bordered by Ossington Avenue and Bathurst Street and extending up to Bloor Street West. The location has much to do with how this area came be known as one of the most diverse in the city. It’s conveniently nestled near the University of Toronto’s main campus, along with Kensington Market, Christie Pitts, Bloordale Village, Dufferin Grove, and Trinity Bellwoods Park, just to name a few. It is one of the core neighbourhoods in Toronto that give this great city such an eclectic and vibrant reputation.

The Homes

Dotted throughout the neighbouring streets, you won’t find too many condos dominating the view (at least for now). Here, the essence of Little Italy lies in the history of not only the tradizionale Italian ristoranti, but also in the homes as well. Take a walk along the tree-lined streets and you’ll find row houses and Victorian homes, many more than a century old.

The Lifestyle

Sure, the neighbourhood has a strong presence of great trattorias and home-style Italian eats, but it’s not all pizza and pasta. Here you’ll also find a strong presence of Latin and Portuguese-Canadians as well, with community events, bakeries, and markets.

Little Italy also embodies that European charm – the bustling streets with cafés filled with espresso-sipping customers and a clubbing scene where many 20-something year olds flock to at night. All the while, it stays true to the core of its roots that date back to the 1800s when this neighbourhood was first formed, and that’s family.

This area is renowned for the family-oriented lifestyle, where you can find generation of families living side-by-side, and new, young families just settling in.

So if you have yet to stroll along the streets of Little Italy, do yourself a favour and make it a priority. Ask any Torontonian and they’ll gladly tell you just how many of the great qualities this city has to offer can be found right here in Little Italy.

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Aug 15 16

Neighbourhood Profile: Danforth/Greektown

Storefronts on Danforth Avenue

Step onto the Danforth and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the heart of an eclectic European community. Danforth – also known as the heart of Greektown – is a neighbourhood in Toronto that sets itself apart from any other in the city. Laced with patios, parks, and schools, along with the largest stretch of restaurants in the city – it’s no wonder this community is one of the most desirable in all of Toronto. If you’ve yet to experience the vibe of the Danforth, here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

The Location

Although Danforth Avenue stretches vastly through the city, it’s the stretch from approximately Donlands Avenue to Broadview where you will find the heart of the Danforth and Greektown. This quaint community is located right along the Bloor-Danforth subway line. That means whether it’s downtown, the Beaches, Scarborough or the west end that you need to get to, you can hop on the subway or take your car and be just about anywhere in the span of 10-30 minutes.

The Food and Shops

Take a stroll along the Danforth and you’ll find countless wonders to taste – from a variety of Mediterranean flavours to Asian, Italian, or Indian – you name it, they’ve got it. Not to mention the cafés, bistros, bars and boutiques – this community is one that has truly managed to maintain the charm of independently owned businesses of every kind. For this reason, you will find places to shop and eat here that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The Green Space

Hop on the streetcar or simply take a walk five minutes south along Broadview Avenue and you’ll witness one of the best views of the city – we’re talking postcard worthy. Riverdale Park is a massive green space that peaks well above the neighbouring Don Valley, with a beautiful backdrop of the city skyline. So between the giant hills, baseball diamonds, waterpark, and skating rinks – you’ll find people and families frolicking throughout this park at all times of year.

And if biking is your thing, you can head down along the Pan Am Path through the Don Valley and enjoy some of the most extensive trails that stretch through the city.

This neighbourhood isn’t your go-to place for a raging club-scene, or rowdy bars. Although the demographic is very diverse, this is the place to be when you’re looking to enjoy a few drinks and live music, bask in the sunshine on a patio, or dive into a delicious meal with the family. The vibe here is slow-paced and easy-going – it’s one that truly makes you feel like you’ve taken a few steps back from the big city, all the while having the magnificent skyline in sight. Visit the Danforth and experience what so many love about this community.

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