Get Active, Toronto!

There are endless benefits to living in an apartment in Toronto! You can have great city views, have access to amazing attractions at your doorstep, and you get to be involved in the excitement and culture of this world-class city each and every day. Apartment dwelling means you don’t have a yard to keep or three storeys of house to constantly keep clean, so what do you get to do in all your spare time? Get out and get active in Toronto!

City Exercise

Living in an apartment gives you the ability to turn almost anything into your own private gym. Take the stairs in your apartment building, for instance, no really… take the stairs! Walk up however many floors you need to reach your floor and if you feel compelled to, keep on walking. Treat your stairwell like your own personal gym that has no business hours and no line up for the decent machines. Walking just ten flights of stairs every day gets your body working and can help keep your heart healthy.

Early Exit from Transportation

If you love walking but don’t have a ton of time during the day to squeeze in exercise, try getting off your bus or subway stop a few stops earlier than your destination. Adding a few blocks of walking to your daily routine is an easy and efficient way to get some extra heart-pumping exercise. If you do this on your way to and from work the steps will add up quicker than you think and suddenly you’ve reached your 10,000 steps/day goal.

Workday Workout

Do you feel tired and drained sitting at your desk? Do you lose all motivation and focus in the afternoon? Get moving. Get up at least once an hour to stretch and limber up your body. Instead of sitting in the lunch room flipping through Instagram on your lunch break, go for a quick walk outside. The fresh air will do you good, and the break from screens will help you recentre and refocus for the afternoon ahead.


Many apartments in Toronto have places to store a bicycle, whether it be on a balcony or in a private bike storage room. Bike riding is not only an excellent mode of transportation in a city so gridlocked with cars, but it’s also an efficient form of exercise. Ever see those delivery guys biking around the city? Notice how in shape they look? Take your bike out for a ride on a regular basis, whether you’re commuting, running errands, or going for a leisurely Sunday ride on the abundance of paths in the city.


If you live in an apartment in Toronto you likely don’t have space to have all your friends over for a big yoga session. But another perk of living in Toronto is that there are plenty of outdoor yoga classes just waiting for you to come and join. Get active with your friends or meet some new ones along the way. However you feel like practicing your yoga, your body will thank you for it.

Take advantage of what the great city of Toronto has to offer and get out and get active this fall!

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