Help Preserve your Investment

What can you do as a landlord to keep your rental property in good condition? While there can be large maintenance requirements such as replacing the roof or upgrading the energy-efficient windows, there are also small, inexpensive things that make a big difference. Help preserve your investment by equipping tenants with everything you can to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. Here are a few examples:

Use Cutting Boards to Avoid Scratching the Countertops

Something as simple as using cutting boards anytime you need to chop up some ingredients for dinner is an effective and important way to preserve the condition of your kitchen countertops and preserve the overall look and condition of your kitchen. A cutting board can also be used to prevent hot pots and pans from burning or staining countertops.

Provide your tenants with basic cutting boards to prevent scratches and knife cuts on your counters. Wood, plastic, granite, and glass cutting boards retail for $10 to $50 each. Replacement counter tops, meanwhile, cost at least $30 per square foot, not to mention installation costs.

Place Pads on the Bottom of Furniture

Hardwood flooring is a feature that can really enhance a living space. But it must also be taken care of. If your apartment has hardwood flooring, be sure to preserve it and avoid scratches and gouges by supplying tenants with felt furniture pads which can be affixed to the bottom of table legs, chair legs, and couch legs. These retail for practically nothing ($5 for 16 adhesive felt pads) and can save hundreds in floor scratch repair and refinishing.

Use Drains Screens and Supply a Plunger

Clogged sinks and drains are a nuisance, and can lead to a costly plumbing bill. Supply tenants with drain screens for the kitchen sink and bathtub. The kitchen drain screen (also called a drain strainer) will prevent oversized food particles from clogging the drain, while a drain in the bathtub will prevent hair from causing a clog. Also supply tenants with a plunger for each bathroom. This will save you the headache of an emergency call in the middle of the night to deal with a bathroom disaster!

Supply Command Strips for Wall Hangings

You don’t want tenants to damage walls by using nails on the drywall. Supply tenants with removable picturing hanging strips and hooks such as Command Strips. These adhesive, removable strips will help tenants decorate without leaving holes in the wall when they move out. These strips retail for $5-15, which is as much as it would cost for spackling compound – without the work.

When it comes to owning an investment property, preventative measures are just as important as big maintenance projects. Preserve the condition of the kitchen, hardwood floors, and plumbing system with these simple, but effective investments.

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