How to Be a Good Neighbour

If you’ve ever experienced living in an apartment building or condo, chances are that you know just how important good relations with your neighbours can be. You want to be able to come home at the end of the day, put up your feet and relax without having to endure hours of raging parties or thumping music. And with the right strategies, you can develop good relations with your neighbours where you keep an eye out for each other, fetch mail when someone’s out of town, and lend each other spices when you run out.

No matter what your lifestyle may entail, being a good neighbour is important. It not only benefits your neighbours, but can put yourself in a good position should you ever end up in need of a lending hand or two. So whether you’ve just moved into your very first apartment, or are a veteran of Toronto apartment living, here’s how you can become a good (or better) neighbour.

Late Night Noise

Sure, it may be easy to develop an attitude that makes you feel like “It’s my home and I should be able to do as I please!” But you’ll soon realize how being considerate of others will get you so much further in life. Be respectful of the fact that there’s just a partition of drywall or concrete that cannot fully filter sound from the other side. Whether it’s a late night flick, or a rowdy game of D&D, keep the volume down.

Pet Banter

Living with a dog can be the best roommate you’ve ever had. But all of that puppy love and barking can be like a form of incessant torture for your neighbours. Allowing your dog to run around late at night and bark is simply not fair to others around you. So if you have a furry loved one, be courteous about it and have them properly trained.

Pounding Feet

As much as we may take into consideration our neighbours beside us, it’s also important to consider those below us. Believe it or not, that ceiling (and your floor) often has very little to buffer out sound as well. So when you decide to re-arrange your furniture at four in the morning, just think about how much you would appreciate those banging footsteps and vibrations through your bedroom ceiling when trying to sleep.

Living in an apartment can be an amazing experience when you’re a good neighbour– you get to meet new people, and embrace the independence and convenience. But it’s important to be respectful and remind yourself that your actions matter to those around you.

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