Making the Most Out of a Small Space

For many of us, starting out on our own can be pretty tough. After years of being dependent on parents and relying on others for our daily needs, suddenly falling into the world of independence can feel very threatening. From groceries, to utility bills, and rent – there are a plethora of different expenses that could easily sap the life of our incomes. This is why young professionals in Toronto often opt to rent or buy smaller spaces at the start.

Just because your rental apartment in Toronto only has a small amount of space doesn’t mean you have to settle with an uncomfortable set-up. Find out how to make the most of your small space with these smart interior decorating tips.

Use Light Colours

Unless you want to feel like you’re trapped in a tiny box, you should consider using light colours for all your interior décor. Even painting the room a lighter colour could make a world of difference in your small space. Light colours are known for their ability to make rooms look more spacious. Go with a neutral beige, light cream, or off-white when painting your walls to make your space look less like a dungeon. By the same token, mirrors can be quite handy by reflecting light and making the space appear larger.

Floor-Length Curtains

This is one of the things that many small space dwellers fail to realize. Just because floor-length curtains are bigger and lengthier than their half-wall length counterparts, doesn’t mean they’re too big for a small space. In fact, longer, floor-length curtains just might make your ceilings look higher, allowing the illusion that your Toronto apartment has more space. Don’t forget, though – the theory of light colours applies here too, so don’t choose heavy, dark drapes. As an added bonus, thinner/lighter drapes will let in more natural light, which makes your apartment feel larger and more airy.

Make Use of Vertical Space

The hardest struggle when it comes to small spaces is storage. Where exactly will you be able to keep all your stuff when there’s barely any room for yourself? The answer is simple – maximize your vertical space. Install clothes hooks, horizontal rods across the ceiling, and other features that you can hang stuff off. This will eliminate the need to store items in closets by allowing you to simply hang your possessions up instead. You can do this for shirts and bags that have no more room in your jam-packed wardrobe. Bonus interior design points if you’re able to use stylish pieces on hanging instalments to add a little personality to your small space.

If you’d like more tips about maximize your small space, get in touch with the Simplified Rentals team – we’re always happy to help!

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