How to Maximize Space in Your Toronto Studio Apartment

A studio apartment (also known as a bachelor apartment) is an apartment rental that combines the living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one multi-use space. Despite the size limitations, studio apartments can be quite cozy and functional with a bit of organization and foresight. Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your studio apartment in Toronto:

Tip 1: Buying Smaller Furniture

You would be surprised to know that although furniture stores typically have huge pieces on display, they also have smaller sized versions of the pieces in their back room. Typically referred to as apartment-sized or condo-sized furniture, these pieces are perfect for smaller spaces. These pieces usually shave a few inches off the depth and width to recapture floor space. You’ll get the right amount of furniture that you need for entertaining without having to compromise on your floor space.

Tip 2: Buying Versatile Furniture

Other ways that you can save on space by having a sufficient amount of furniture is to buy pieces that have more than one purpose. It’s easy to find beds that have under-the-bed storage or ottomans that have lids that give you storage space as well. You can keep extra linens, pillows, magazines, and other items put away so it doesn’t clutter your space.

Tip 3: Using Dividers

If you know that you’re going to be entertaining guests on a regular basis you might want to consider sectioning parts of your studio apartment off to the naked eye, such as your bedroom. You can use dividers but make sure that you use them sparingly as you won’t want to create too many rooms as it can take away from common areas. Consider using a thin glass or a curtain with a modern rod to close off areas to wandering eyes.

Tip 4: Emphasizing Light

The number one advantage that you have with a studio apartment is the fact that you can use natural lighting to improve the appearance of space. If you use too many drapes and heavy fabrics to cut off your main source of light, it can turn a relatively spacious apartment into a claustrophobic dungeon. Make sure that you not only avoid blocking the light, but that you promote it to move around the room by adding mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Tip 5: Choosing Lighter Colours

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a 1000 sq. ft. studio apartment, it’s important that you choose light colours when it comes to painting your walls. Much like the idea of promoting light, brighter colours are essential for making spaces look larger. Pull paint chips that relate to blue, pastel pink, yellow, greys, or white.

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