Neighbourhood Profile: City Centre Mississauga

Mississauga is a city that has seen drastic development over the past few years. It is a place that is bustling with activity, and knows how to set that standard when it comes to urban living. Mississauga’s City Centre is like the heartbeat of this city. From business and housing, to entertainment and community – it’s got everything in a setting where you can escape the intensity of downtown Toronto, and instead, find an urban oasis that truly embraces community. Here’s a closer peek into what Mississauga’s City Centre area has to offer.

Culture and Community

This vibrant community is built upon the collaboration and cohesiveness of the residents that reside in it. Here, you can immerse yourself in the culture and community in a variety of enriching ways.

Whether it’s the Art Gallery of Mississauga, the Square One Living Arts Centre or the Sports Hall of Fame – arts, culture, and civic engagement are at the forefront.

In addition, Celebration Square – located in the heart of downtown Mississauga – is an award-winning public square, and one of the most unique of its kind throughout the GTA. It’s one of City Centres’ premier spots for residents to come and enjoy a variety of communal events, from outdoor movies with the family to ice skating, fireworks, farmers markets, live music and festivals. There’s something for everyone to partake in and enjoy.


Entertainment aside, City Centre is home to diverse, affordable living. With an abundance of condominiums in the area, located away from the intense market of Toronto-based living, there is something here for just about everyone to find within their price range.

Take a glance up at the skyline and you can’t miss the Absolute World towers, better known as the Marilyn Monroe condos. With a stunning design, these towers are hailed as being among the world’s most beautiful skyscrapers and thus, have helped to place the character and architecture of this city on the world stage.


With the abundance of amenities and stores setting up shop throughout this community, it has since become a thriving central point for business and investments. Take the Square One Shopping Mall for example: it’s the largest shopping centre in all of Ontario, housing 360 stores within it. It’s a prime destination for Canadians and tourists alike to visit. And being a short distance from downtown Toronto, yet far enough away to avoid the intensely competitive market there – it’s no wonder more and more businesses are flocking to this area.

Being the sixth largest city in Canada, it’s no surprise how Mississauga has become a thriving urban oasis that many people and businesses choose to call their home. From the diversity to the local amenities that provide an abundance of platforms for embracing the importance of arts, culture and community – it truly is a place that has set the standard for urban living.

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