Neighbourhood Profile: The Junction

A prominent history and a diverse demographic – today the area of West Toronto known as The Junction has become one of the most desirable communities for both hipsters and families alike. Decked out with trendy bars, cozy galleries, it’s a hot spot for craft breweries and a hip foodie scene. This neighbourhood balances a unique vibrancy between trendy and charm, all-in-one. Welcome to The Junction.

The Location

Not to be confused with the Junction Triangle, a neighbourhood to the southeast, The Junction got its name for being exactly that – the convergence between First Nation trails and then eventually railway lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The heart of this community is located around the intersection of Dundas Street West and Keele Street, stretching west to Runnymede, and east to the train tracks. It extends north to St. Clair and south to Annette Street. It is bordered by the neighbourhoods of Pelham Park, West Bend, High Park North, Runnymede, and the Stockyards District.

The Housing

This community takes pride in its historical roots, and because of that, you’ll find many of the streets dotted with old homes and antique storefronts, and a whole lot of vintage charm and character. It’s also a popular spot for apartment rentals since there are a variety of those larger family homes that have been turned into rental properties. There are also condo developments bringing a touch of modern style to this classic neighbourhood.

Aside from the larger apartment complexes, there are of course, still families that are lucky enough to settle into some of the most beautiful homes in the city. So naturally, it’s an area where big families and young millennials alike are keen to call home.

According to NOW Toronto, the average detached house runs for $968,000, while condo apartments sell for an average of $431,000. The average rent can vary from a $928 bachelor to a $2,088 three-bedroom apartment.

The Vibe

Since many immigrants found their way here back in the 1900s, today you can still find a large diversity of Irish, Italian, Croatian, Polish, and Macedonian communities living here. It was and remains a diverse community.

Though prohibition lingered in this old west Toronto neighbourhood for an extensive period of time, today you’ll find some of the best bars in all of Toronto here. Craft breweries, jazz and funk venues, Italian trattorias, wine bars – whether it’s a lively crowd, or a mellowed out pub, this is the place to meet your friends for a great brew in the city.

The Amenities and Transportation

But don’t let the abundance of trendy bars fool you. Step away from the main strips and you’ll find wide and calm streets nestled amongst an abundance of green space. In fact, you can take a short walk to High Park and enjoy over 161 hectares of natural green space and recreational amenities.

And since this community is located near St. Clair Avenue West and Bloor Street West, you can easily hop onto the nearest subway train, bus, or streetcar to get you where you need to go in no time.

Vintage vibes, antique shops, breweries, big old homes, great rental properties, and a whole lot of character – these are just a few of the many factors that sum up The Junction. So now you can see that it’s no surprise why so many Torontonians call it one of their favourite neighbourhoods in the city.

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