Neighbourhood Profile: Leslieville

The city of Toronto has often been referred to as the “City of Neighbourhoods.” There are a wide variety of areas throughout the city that offer a variety of characteristics that would suit just about anyone. Leslieville is one of those neighbourhoods that have stood out amongst many. It is a great mixing ground for families, young professionals, young couples and even retirees. If you’ve been looking for a new neighbourhood to call home, this could be the perfect place for you.


This charismatic area is located east of the Don River, and is bound by Coxwell to the west, Gerrard Street to the north and Eastern Avenue to the south. It’s a place where you can feel connected to the city without being directly within the downtown core of the city. But if you do feel like heading downtown, it’s only a short streetcar ride away. It still holds that historical charm of a small village as you stroll along Queen East or head south to the beach. With old quaint houses and cozy restaurants and bars, it’s no surprise how this neighbourhood has managed to stand out amongst the others.


Initially being home to the Light Industry and Film District, this neighbourhood has been transformed over the recent years into a vibrant and trendy area, peppered with cafes, brunch bistros, antique shops, and trendy design stores. Ever since the New York Times declared it as “the new Queen Street West,” Leslieville has become the place where creative minds gather, designers and galleries set up shop, and young professionals come to dine at the latest hot spot.

With the close proximity to the waterfront and accessible transit along Queen Street, it’s no wonder this area has and continues to witness so much growth over the last few years.


This neighbourhood is generally known as a place where people are friendly, shops and stores are welcoming, and where you can still find those mom and pop diners for a good old-fashioned breakfast. The neighbourly charm and compassion within the area have been embedded as a distinct character since the 60s, and continues to do so today. With a healthy mix of lifestyles and incomes, along with organizations that support the less fortunate, it is a place where the small-town vibe meets big city. Even as gentrification increases, and trendy businesses squeeze out the old ones, the compassionate charm of Leslieville continues to thrive.

So if you’ve been in the market for a neighbourhood that is home to one of the most up and coming spots in the city, tossed with quaint bars, vintage furniture stores and that genuine small-town charm, Leslieville could be the perfect place for you to call home.

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