Neighbourhood Profile: Little Italy (College Street)

Pizza, pasta, and gelato: the three main staples that make this charming neighbourhood a great place to call casa mia. But beyond the delicious food, this area, also known as College Street West, has so much to offer. It’s one of the most vibrant areas of Toronto, where by day, trattorias and cafes are filled with patrons, and by night the city life is electric yet comforting. It’s no surprise how this hot spot has become one of the most sought after places to live for Torontonians.

The Location

You can find this neighbourhood located on College Street, bordered by Ossington Avenue and Bathurst Street and extending up to Bloor Street West. The location has much to do with how this area came be known as one of the most diverse in the city. It’s conveniently nestled near the University of Toronto’s main campus, along with Kensington Market, Christie Pitts, Bloordale Village, Dufferin Grove, and Trinity Bellwoods Park, just to name a few. It is one of the core neighbourhoods in Toronto that give this great city such an eclectic and vibrant reputation.

The Homes

Dotted throughout the neighbouring streets, you won’t find too many condos dominating the view (at least for now). Here, the essence of Little Italy lies in the history of not only the tradizionale Italian ristoranti, but also in the homes as well. Take a walk along the tree-lined streets and you’ll find row houses and Victorian homes, many more than a century old.

The Lifestyle

Sure, the neighbourhood has a strong presence of great trattorias and home-style Italian eats, but it’s not all pizza and pasta. Here you’ll also find a strong presence of Latin and Portuguese-Canadians as well, with community events, bakeries, and markets.

Little Italy also embodies that European charm – the bustling streets with cafés filled with espresso-sipping customers and a clubbing scene where many 20-something year olds flock to at night. All the while, it stays true to the core of its roots that date back to the 1800s when this neighbourhood was first formed, and that’s family.

This area is renowned for the family-oriented lifestyle, where you can find generation of families living side-by-side, and new, young families just settling in.

So if you have yet to stroll along the streets of Little Italy, do yourself a favour and make it a priority. Ask any Torontonian and they’ll gladly tell you just how many of the great qualities this city has to offer can be found right here in Little Italy.

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