Neighbourhood Profile: Queen West

Queen West is renowned for being one of the most desirable areas within the city of Toronto. Many refer to it as the heartbeat of the city for both businesses and residents alike. With a bustling cool vibe, steps from the downtown core, and great access to transportation, it’s no wonder that Queen West has made a name for itself on the world stage, and continues to be one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods for businesses to set up shop.

Bustling Area with Lots of Pedestrian Traffic

Set amongst some of Toronto’s most historic structures, Queen West has become a thriving, shopping mecca. Also known as the Art and Design district in Toronto, this neighbourhood is home to trendy boutiques, vintage shops, designer stores, shoe stores and of course, craft and sewing supply stores. It is vibrant, creative, electric and an exciting artistic, fashion hotspot.

Downtown Nightlife

Located amidst downtown Toronto, at night you can stroll along to find lively patios and bars, trendy cafes and restaurants, and world-famous live-music venues such as the Rex, hosting some of the best live jazz in the world. It is a haven that comes alive no matter what day of the week it is with something for everyone to enjoy.

Vibrant Commercial Area

The area is home to over 400 businesses and continues to grow. The busy pedestrian traffic, combined with being a top spot for tourists to flock and explore, makes this neighbourhood one of the best for businesses. With increased development, it has become infused with of activity and investment.

Great Access to Transportation

With access directly to subway stations and streetcars, this area is easily accessible for pedestrians.  And since it is located alongside the downtown core, it’s the perfect place for people to browse through on the way home from work or grab a bite to each at lunch.

Queen Street West is without a doubt, one of the most exciting areas of Toronto. It is the neighbourhood that everyone flocks to in order to enjoy the bustling city vibe, shop for some of the top designer items, dine at the trendiest spots and spend some of that hard earned money. With easy access to transportation and consistent flow of activity, it is a growing mecca for businesses to invest in and benefit from all the great features this area has to offer.

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