Neighbourhood Profile: Roncesvalles Village

Roncesvalles Village is a cultural haven for both hipsters and families alike. It blends a variety of demographics with a main flair of Polish and European culture. Affectionately known as Roncy, Roncesvalles Village a neighbourhood that’s nestled nicely away from the booming 24/7 hum of downtown Toronto, where neighbours can chat and people can pop into some of the trendy bars and funky cafés to catch up with friends. It has a distinct small-town vibe, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not the centre of action! Here’s a little more of what this great west-central Toronto neighbourhood has to offer.


Roncesvalles is found in the west end of Toronto. It’s bordered by Bloor Street, Queen Street, Parkside and the Lansdowne rail corridor. Its central hub is located along the main street of Roncesvalles Avenue, and has a constant buzz where young professionals, 20-somethings, and families flock to delve into some artisanal tasty bites, craft beer, or sip on coffee in a local café.


Throughout this neighbourhood, you will find a variety of housing, often containing rented rooms, along with smaller apartment buildings with average-priced rentals. Many of the neighbouring streets are lined with multi-storey brick homes, multi-residential properties, and independently owned and operated businesses.


Roncesvalles really has it all – the charm, the character, and the lifestyle that everyone enjoys. It has become increasingly popular for young families who can take advantage of the expansive homes with big backyards.  It also attracts renters who occupy many of the 3-storey homes and multi-residential units in the area, along with seniors who enjoy the quiet and convenient location.

With the proximity to downtown, you can hop on public transit and get to where you need to be in no time. In addition, High Park is only a few minutes away, where residents can stroll through the trails, picnic areas, zoo, playgrounds, and sports fields.


There is no shortage of amenities throughout Roncesvalles. Many of the local shops, grocery stores, and restaurants are owner operated. And of course, you can find many delis, butchers, and bakeries with a taste of the Old World.

Roncesvalless Village is a high-demand neighbourhood in Toronto. If you’re in search of a neighbourhood that’s far enough from the city buzz, but close enough when you need it to be, check out Roncy!

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