Are You Ready to Move in Together?

Whether you and your partner have been dating for years, or even if it was love at first sight and it’s been only been a month, how can you tell if moving in to a Toronto apartment together is the right next move to make? The length of the relationship isn’t always a telltale sign – some couples simply click right from the start, whereas others might require much more time and space before ever considering such a big step. But sharing a home together is a big step, and it’s one that can greatly impact your life, so it’s important to really take the time to consider this next step carefully. Here are some telltale signs that will help you determine if you’re ready.

You Really Like One Another

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but we all experience the “honeymoon phase” and whether it’s been long-term or short, you must actually like the qualities and personality of the person that you are with. Love can often blind us to the reality of our differences, so ensure that you really know the person behind those “honeymoon” goggles. When you both support and accept each other for who you are, you should feel confident in taking that next step.

You’re on the Same Page

Before even considering taking the big leap of sharing an address, you first must be confident that you’re on the same page. This means that when it comes to your relationship, you’ve both had some good conversations about what your goals and expectations are. This could include conversations about marriage and children, for example, and whether this is the mutual goal for you both. Realizing that you and your partner are on very different paths is never a good situation to be in once you’ve moved in together.

You’ve Endured a Serious Fight

Enduring a serious fight is a must before living together. Having an argument allows you to see another side of the person you are with. And being able to argue in a healthy and respectful manner is essential for a relationship to succeed.  Problem-solving is a skill that must be mastered before you can be deemed as ready.

You’ve Talked About Finances

Finances are one of the major obstacles that can really make or break a relationship, and it’s one of the most common reasons why relationships fail after couples move in together. Money matters and feeling comfortable about talking about finances is important. You should have discussions about bills, joint accounts, and what role each of you will play in contributing to the overall financial situation.

Moving in together and sharing a home is a big deal. It affects your entire life, so always take careful consideration before making that commitment. And before you decide to go ahead with it, make sure that you feel confident in relating to each of these factors. They can help highlight whether you’re ready or not.

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