Relax with a Staycation

That week off work that you’ve been looking forward to is finally almost here. And with so many options of what to do on your vacation, it can be enough added stress just thinking about it. So why not recharge your batteries this time with a staycation instead? You’ll be surprised how relaxing and rewarding it can truly be. Here we give you some reasons why a staycation can be just what you need for your next holiday:

Save Money

When you take a staycation, you can save your hard-earned money that you would’ve otherwise spent on a pricey trip. You can avoid spending money on flights, hotel bookings, rental cars, gas money, and other transportation costs.

Less Stress

You won’t have to worry about all the pressing details that come with trip planning when you choose a staycation. You can skip the drama of packing bags, running through airports, lost luggage, and the dreaded airport customs and security lines.

Discover New Areas

You now have the time to see all the hidden gems you’ve always wanted to visit right here in Toronto. Plus, you’ll also have the time to go back and explore all those favourite places that you love but never have time to visit when you’re working. Be a tourist in your own city: visit the ROM, tour Ontario Science Centre, climb the CN Tower, take in a Jays game, or head up to Wonderland.

Really Relax

Nothing is quite as soothing as the comfort of your own home and bed. When you stay at home, you can really put your feet up and relax. And you won’t have the pressure to squeeze in hours of activities to get your money’s worth. You can go with the flow or schedule as you need to. Plus, you don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable hotel bed or noisy neighbours.

Support Local Businesses

All the money you otherwise would have been spending in another location will instead go directly into local businesses. You’ll not only be helping your neighbours out, but also your local economy.

More Time

Travelling can really take up a lot of your time. Getting to the airport, waiting for your flight and the act of flying, all dips heavily into your vacation time. If you stay home, you can enjoy much more holiday time and less travel time.

A staycation in your Toronto rental has lots of benefits that make it an excellent choice for your week off work. And most importantly, it can really revive that love of where you live and bring your family closer together. So why not save some money and stress this year and take a much-needed vacation at home?

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