Property Development

Do you have a site you are looking to develop/redevelop?

Let our skilled team of experts take you through the project from start to finish. Our team of qualified professionals offer a complete spectrum of real estate development and project management services, including:

  • ​Coordinating and expediting the planning and design of the project
  • Site acquisition and analysis
  • Arranging for municipal approvals
  • Obtaining  all necessary permits
  • Preparing rezoning applications
  • Obtaining financing – including negotiating terms of the loans
  • Preparation of all plans
  • Preparation of all legal documents relating to the sales agreement disclosure documents, and condo registration
  • Managing, supervising and administering all contracts
  • Engaging and supervising all consultants to the projects
  • Preparing applications for development approvals
  • Preparing budgets, including proforma analysis
  • Establishing and implementing cost controls
  • Procuring and maintaining project insurance coverage

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