Looking to renovate or remodel? There is no project too big or too small for Simplified Rentals. Our network of reliable contractors will ensure that your project is done on time and on budget!

Simplified Rentals deploys numerous controls throughout our Project Design and Execution phases to guarantee our clients are well informed.


2D Technical Drawings
Before every project we create technical drawings of the existing space. We use these drawings to plan every detail of construction and to budget material and time accurately before the work begins.

After we create the technical drawings, we design a full and comprehensive 3D computer generated model of the property. This allows our team to design the look and feel of the space and provides a fast and easy way to make any desired adjustments. These 3D models are the perfect way to review our recommended improvements with our clients.

After all design finalizations we create custom computer renderings of the final model to paint the picture for our clients of what the finished product will look like.

Construction Planning

  • Identify, design, implement, monitor capital repairs and property improvements
  • Prepare scopes of work, detailed budgets and obtain quotes and job bids
  • Organize and schedule trades
  • Develop capital repair programs
  • Create budgets and administer reserve accounts
  • Recommend building and community improvements to maximize value


Once the plans and budget are approved we will devote our full and complete efforts to execution. Over the years we have developed relationships with numerous trades, which allows us to tackle all facets of the job.

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