Winterlicious – Taste Toronto this New Year

What better way to get through those long, cold winter blues than by indulging in some scrumptious cuisine? Well, thanks to Winterlicious, you can! This culinary event came to life as a way to connect more people to great food and to get you out from hibernation, meet up with friends, go on that date, and have a laugh while delving into some of Toronto’s tastiest menus.

The wintertime can be a challenge to force ourselves out of our apartments, condos, and houses to get out and stay social. We naturally feel the need to throw on our warm and comfy clothes and curl up at home. But Winterlicious is aimed at enticing you and your taste buds to get out and try something new, exotic, and delicious.

Here’s what you need to know to begin planning your Winterlicious calendar this New Year.

When Does It Begin?

It all begins January 27th and runs until February 9th with over 200 vendors participating. It’s the perfect time after the holiday hustle and bustle to slow down and have a nice meal cooked for you over a glass or two of wine.

What Vendors Are Involved?

Since there are over 200 different restaurants participating in this event, it might be a challenge to select where you should begin. But no matter what you’re craving or how particular your taste buds may be, there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

Take a look around your local area to see what vendors you can start off at! You can hop online to see the full list of vendors.

What’s the Cost?

One of the best factors about this event is that it aims to open the doors of each restaurant, making it accessible and affordable to the public by having a fixed price menu. Some may vary depending on the restaurant you visit, but each Winterlicious menu has been specifically tailored to give you the best taste for a price that is affordable too. You can take advantage of trying out some of those places that may have been out of your price range previously.

Toronto is one of the culinary wonders of the world. It’s renowned for the eclectic variety of food that you find throughout the city. And for the last few years, over 200 restaurants have participated in this great culinary event that provides the public with the perfect reason to get out of those comfy pyjamas and treat yourself to a delicious meal that won’t break the bank.

So this January, after the holiday rush has settled, make the time to treat yourself to a night out and explore the culinary wonders that Toronto has to offer.


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